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About Valoria

Valoria is a gateway to the metaverse that works in the browser. It allows for the creation of 3D virtual worlds that can be accessed and experienced with others in a multiplayer environment. Valoria's aim is to bring the 3D internet to everyone, while giving full power the people when it comes to their data and identity in the metaverse. Join Valoria now and create a better world!

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Valor ($VR) is the native currency of Valoria. It can be used to handle all transactions in the metaverse and is heavily integrated into the protocol that powers the whole network.

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Affiliates earn 50% of all valor purchases from users that join Valoria with their affiliate link

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Valoria Chat
World: Welcome to Valoria! Use WASD to move, Shift to run, F to dance, V for voice chat, and T to type a message!
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